вторник, 12 април 2011 г.

You need it, you crave it
Yes, you can take it from sweets, but it is not as satisfying
Yes, there’s another way to obtain it
Sweeter than any candy...
Your resistance is in vain
Why resist, when you need it as much as I do?
Let me make you produce it, I hunger for you endorphin
and thou lusts for mine
There's pleasure in obtaining it, and even bigger pleasure when devoting it
We all need it, we all crave it
There might be pain, but it just makes you crave it more.
The more you produce, the more you consume, the more you consume, the more you lust for
Because it is all endorphin
There are numerous ways to produce endorphin, but only one will satisfy
And only with one you can have all that you want
Because that’s what you want – endorphin
Neither morphine, nor caffeine – you don’t want to be sober, sober makes you miserable
You want the illusion, you hate the reality
but it is not an illusion - it is as much real, as anything else
Give me my endorphin, and I’ll give you yours.
Why care for war, starvation, salvation?
All I want, all I desire is the temptation
Of endorphin intervention!
You need motivation and creation to succeed?
No, you need just to suck.
Suck my neck, to take my endorphin, suck my lips to take it more
Forget the dopamine, take the endorphin!